So many people ask me, wonder and assume many things about me, here are some…
  1. I am illegal
  2. I married for a green card
  3. I am Russian ordered bride
  4. I came with a student visa
  5. I came as a tourist but I stayed longer and now I am illegal
I must say none of it is true and I can tell you simply the process.
I met my ex in my country. I never thought or dreamed of going to America , not even after I met him. But his contract finished and he had to go back to USA . We engaged before he left and we promised to see each other again soon in my country or in his. I never thought I will get approved for a visa because in my country people waited 10 years some to just get approved. Yet I got mine 6 months after he left my country and I had to gave up my home, my family, my friends, my food and everything else I know to go to this unknown to me country and see what is going to happened from that moment on.
Imagine how easy that was.
Yet as soon as I land the Immigrations give me ultimatum- “You are going to get married in 3 months or you going to be deported.” So I had not much of a choice but to sign that piece of paper and present it to the government here, as I already said goodbye to everything I known just to start a new beginning in this country.
The first official resident papers that they give me was a green card with huge letters on top saying “Permanent Alien”.
I always thought I was different from everybody else, but I never even imagine that I could be from out of space. But I always trusted America and America ’s Powerful Government. When I think back I do remember how I felt when I landed first time in O’Hara International Airport, it did felt as if I was in Man in Black movie… Maybe that is where came from my Identification Alien card…
They took my fingerprints, pictures, maybe DNA as well, I cannot remember anymore, long time ago. I agreed on everything, because first: I did not understand any English at all, but everyone was so nice to me, so I did not argue, and second: I was going to be part of this great big nation.
The first card was only for a year, I believe or two, after that I had to go again for more fingerprints and pictures to renew my status. That time I was able to talk back and answer the questions they were asking instead of nodding “yes” to everything.
 That Alien ID card was for 10 years.
And the law in WI is that if you are resident for 5 years you can apply for Citizen ship. Since I am very opinionated person, and I like to give that opinions to anyone who need it or not, I decided to become an American as that way I will be able to vote.
I applied, and they sure enough found fast that I am a harmless Alien and I haven’t been eating any humans in the past 5 years in Wisconsin . I participated in a group gathering where we all repeat few lines from the law book I believe, and I had in my hands the certificate congratulating me a being an American.
Do not get me wrong! I love my new adopted country. I do not believe I will ever go back in Bulgaria and start from zero again. I have everything here now and I am really happy and proud to be an American. It is a just a journey that I made, a bit different from others, to come here and be who I am now.   
So there is no illegal statuses or being an illegal immigrant here. I never been ordered from any catalog, (even thought I am in VS catalog every issue, hahaha), there is no marrying anyone for anything, and I have my American passport I do not need a green card. I can still eat you though J!