Monday, October 22, 2012

1, 2, 3...

1. Get your good attitude back!
2. Work hard!
3. Be a better person!
4. Quit smoking for good!
5. Say thank you to all your good friends!
6. be there for all your good friends at any best chance!
7. Get back in the game!
8. Meet new people, see some old ones :-)!
9. Meet Victor Nelli Jr and impress him!
10. Get directions from Victor Nelli Jr!
11. Meet Denis Leary!
12. Fall in love!
13. Have a great time on a movie set and be the star at least once in your life!
14. Be a good person and ignore the people who talk shit about you!
15. Stop bitching about the weather- it's gonna be cold anyway!
16. Don't be a drama queen!
17.Go see your mom and tell her how sweet she is if you forgot for the sweetest day!
18. Have some respect!
19. Have fun, definitely have fun!
20. And please, please,  for God sake - clean your room!

Talk bad about me!

So after I struggle for years, going through hell and coming back out of it. Being a mom, being a student, being a good Mentor, working hard, trying to be always a better person... There are always people out there that would hate you for no reason, that will talk bad about you behind your back or in your face with no shame or remorse or not even a drop of intellect showing their animal side. Ah...
I have been so fortunate person lately, I don't know how to begin explaining how thankful I am to God and so many people who helped me through and supported me.. 
For those who know me even a bit, know well that I am at times shy person, i do not talk, yet at those times I look mad for some reason (not my intention to be or look as that at all believe me). I am quiet when I am working, just because I am trying to focus on what I am doing and do it the best I can.
But there always will be people who don't know me and never will, standing beside me and thinking they are the center of the world and I am the bad one who ruins their life... Not really, we are all humans, all the same at that point, please don't be mad when someone tries to be a bitch to me and I snap back... Please do not judge me when you never walked with my shoes, and please please try to understand I am there and doing what I am doing because I've been hired to do that ( I am talking about acting). Or just be stupid and talk shit about me and everybody else around you and when that comes out and we all know who you are- it doesn't say good things about you...
But hey I just want to say what a lucky gal I am and how happy I am lately.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do Not Help Me!!! Please Do Not!

Oh, Please save yourself the trouble! Do not help me, you don't even want to do that, why bother saying it. Do not look at my face and tell me you have the power to bring the stars to me- because we both know you are full of shit. Please, do not draw me a colorful dreams and state that you have the power to make them true. Do not talk to me about love, because you never ever been close to even a real one. Do not tell me you know it all, because I came from across the ocean and I still don't know anything about the world and all the people living in it. Do not help me with my parenting when you never been a parent yourself. Please, please, do not tell me you will help me but first I have to help YOU.
You want to help me, but when you say it you mingle weirdly at me. .. You want to help me but you place your hand on my thigh and stare at my chest, swallowing thirsty ... Please I do not need your help, I've been on my own and I can do it either way, I do not need this kind of a help to be somewhere. No thank you, do not help me and please do not even offer, do not bother, that is not a help at all, I can sleep alone you know :-)

It's so Over!

The the one who thinks he owns me- F*** you!
Have you dressed me? Have you feed me? Have you grown me up? Have you provide shelter for me? Have you been next to me in my sickest days? No??? Well why are you here, standing front of me complaining that you are not getting any piece of my ass?
You never got me flowers, you never got me gifts, you never shown me that you think of me anyhow, but you think that your morning texts "good morning sweety" are so flattering. Yes indeed, they are but only that is not enough. You never asked me what was my past and define who I am now because of it. You never asked me how I am and how was really my day, how I feel and what I crave. You never asked me where do I want to go and do, but you pick always your favorite places. You ask me what is my favorite food but you bring me to your favorite restaurants. You never got me any gifts because you think I will get spoiled... You tell me you don't have much time to invest in seeing me and you are not planing to get any serious than this...You fly me over for a over night to spend with you when I have to gave up work, kids, friends, and spend my whole day in flying switching airports to come to you... Yo get upset when I speak my mind and tell you how I feel and what I think, because I always tell you the truth.
F*** off than! Don't think I am stupid. You rather have a pretty doll that doesn't talk, don't need anything, you can place her anywhere, you can hide it in your back bag when you want, and you can smother her at night.
Well I am a human being and I am not stupid, I have my legs that I can still control and I am simply walking away from your stupidity and blindness. You rather have a dumb one, go ahead don't let me stay on your way. You complain more than a woman, whine like a baby and state stupid things that don't even make since. Complain for things that you can change, but for some reason you don't. You seek love, but when is under your nose, you rather be in commander and start a war. You like to be spoiled and pampered but you do not spoil and you do not care about the other side. Well, let me call you with your real name- Narcissistic idiot.  Go ahead and walk away fast before I claw your eyes off. You sure can make a woman mad when you try to play her stupid and she catches you. Go ahead run now and go cry on your mommy's shoulder or even better go back to your empty bed that was like that 6 years ago and it's still the same- cold and empty. Go ahead, it's over and man up, stop complaining that I am smarter to ditch you first. Go ahead - go and good luck!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Day by day all dies fast. Winds spreading all the facts and sings of you. Unseen street man comes and cleans the leafs, the sticks... the whole remains of you... Day by day all dies fast.
Yellow, orange, brown, it's autumn all around, and quickly all it dies around, no sign of green or life.
All goes to sleep or all is gone, it's only you walking down the cold and empty street.
Freezing winds, slap your face, you rub your hands with the hopes of early spring. No tweets of birds, no feasts or fests, no lovely green grass, no summer dress... You tightly wrap the scarf around and button fast the winter coat. You close your eyes, you think of snow, you think of Christmas, parties, friends and so...
Now I see a tinny smile on you, no worries the sky is still so big and blue... After all these times, seasons change, and the years climbs... 

Who you really are! (men and women)

I know... I haven't wrote in a long time, but i doubt anyone is disappointed out there because of it anyway lol. The truth is I've been busy lately with my acting career (that is not going any farther than stand in, as I am not SAG, and I do not live in LA = I ma no body). But I love being on the set for many reasons and one of the main one is that I see and meet a lots of new people at once. And here who they really are some of them:

1. The Bamboo man- He is young, he is cute, he is green but he is hollow. ( A young bag of crazy hormones in his 20 's  that can't think of anything else but scoring girls at any circumstances at any time).

2. The great Actor- A guy you have the perfect time and magic, seems like your soul mate. You talk for hours, share so much and feel like you were made as a pair... But when comes to getting you in bed and you say "no" he never calls you again. I guess that's how much he is into you... in the beginning.

3. The Ladies Man- Great looking man, with great big ego. He smiles and winks at you and all the ladies in the room, he taps your shoulder "accidentally" or throws a very funny joke to make you laugh. You are so taken away if you don't read his act, falling into his spider webs...At the end he uses you and you never hear back from him again...

4. The Good Friend- You see someone after so long time past buy. You had such a great time together before, but life separated you and you hear from each other once in a while, but not being into each others business as much. It is always pleasant to see each other.

5. The Best Friend- Someone you talk to almost every day, and if you miss a day, start to wonder the worst might of happened. Every time something happens, good or bad, you look for that friend to share it with. You care for each other and you are like a family.

6. The Narcissist- Pretty looking guy, you feel he has it all, the looks, the money, the brains maybe that too, but why is he such a douche bag not talking to you?!

7. The Bitch, or also known as Premadona- She always talks more than you do, she actually don't stop talking... She is all over your business too. She flirts over board with all walking guys around, she claims she has all the experience, she must be treated as a queen, and yet she is no one and you noticed she obviously forgot her brains somewhere long ago...

8. The Stalker- The one you love to get rid off but for some reason you can't hehehe! Don't we all have those?

9. The cheap Bastard- A person who let you pay for everything. Never give you presents or any kind of spoils and loves you to death...

10. Old Fashion- A guy who still opens the car door for you, take you out to diner and ask how you doing almost every day. Why aren't we having more of those guys around?

11. The Hard worker- A guy or a woman who always works and doesn't get any action at all in real life. Those people are always unavailable for you or when you need them even if it's an emergency. Oh well... F*** it...

12. The Undecided- The one you love and you are ready to spend the rest of your life with, but that significant one is never ready to do anything and commit to anything... Where this is going really?

And there are so much more... I would love to pick on but gotta go now. Cheers!