Thursday, April 11, 2013


In the dark room he stands alone
Feels all the world its crushing
All this pain inside has grown
Everything is so fast rushing...

Feels alone on that intersection
Which road this time he should take
He lost with the world connection
The people he knew turned to be fake. 

In the dark room he stands alone
His tired hands try to hold his head
He thinks hard what he did wrong
Can not see any future ahead. 

In that moment, she opens the closed doors
Entering his sad world with sure steps
To him she walks and end his war
"Please, take my hand" she says...

As she walked, light came into the room
Hope, true feelings he felt that instant
Like something inside him just bloomed
He smiled, felt the past stopped its hunt.

"Who are you?" He asked her shy
"I am here for you- who you need it most
Don't send me now with goodbye
I am here and I am not a ghost!"

"Please, back off!" with pain he said
"My world is sad, don't want you here
I feel inside so miserable, so dead...
I don't want with you that to share!"

"But I am already here, please
I can change this, look into my eyes
I can give you Heaven's peace
Clear all the storms on your skies.

Do you trust me, I am real
I am here just for you and only
Your deadly wounds I to heal
To not ever be so lonely..."

And she kissed him with passion
His Hell turned into Heaven
And he felt her strong compassion
Love on his heart was graven. 

"My life is yours!" she said
"Your life is mine?" he asked amazed
"Yes, until I fall stone cold dead"
And with that- true Love Blazed...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Can you really snap out of something and change? I thought about it and I tried- I can't! Please forgive me for that I feel so much, for the wishes of mine to touch you, squeeze you, make sure you are there. Forgive for that I always want to hug you and kiss you, so much smothering you, I just care for you. You become everything to me in that moment, and I forget all around, I forget me, I lose control. I just let go, and being happy that I am here next to you. Please forgive me that I cherish every moment with you as I don't know if there is going to be a next one or if it is, when is that going to be. For me minutes are days long and hours- months. I get attached at that moment and I just don't want to let go, I care and I want to care, make sure you are warm, not thirsty and well fed, that you are not hurt or sad. I know all that is scary, but I can't really change, I tried hard, but nothing helped. And I really miss every moment with you, every touch, every hug, every kiss and word of yours, and the laugh...
Well, I am only the girl from the small village, what do I know about the world or the people in it or how to act and hide my emotions just like everyone else. I learned how to milk goats, cut grass, cook and sew, how to run with the winds, and how to chase my dreams. I grew in the wild, I don't know how to behave...
There is so much I want to tell you, so much to show you, so much hugs and kisses to give you. Only if you knew how much I care about you, from the first moment I saw you in that very cold morning, I felt like a thousand needles piercing my heart, just felt so weird, but so warm and enchanting. I always wanted to be closer to you and listen to your voice, which was the only one I heard that day and ever since. Is it that bad that I always thought of you time to time and hope I would see you again. Is it that bad when I saw you again after so long, feeling so happy and so sad thinking how hard would be to let you go again and how much I would miss you. 
I admired you and I do now more, for everything you do and the way you do it. I am so proud that I know you and I could talk to you, you will never understand how much that means to me. I feel like I am talking to an angel. I see your work as a hand touching people's souls. My soul was touched as well, but before I even saw your work. How can I tell you that I honor you and being proud, caring so much and yet so sad... Can you understand, or you will now run away? Perhaps I am a bit too much of the good stuff, maybe if I act cold, not saying how I feel, or not answering, not saying that I miss you and I care so much for you, perhaps I will be more likable? Or Perhaps I dream too much, feeling like Cinderella and you my only Prince Charming. Maybe it is still true, do you believe in magic? After that night we dance together, I lost my glass slipper, if you find it, can you bring it back to me? Can you tell me how you really feel, can you guide me into this path and tell me what to do and what not to? Even thought I know you some, I still don't know you all, and I might be stepping on your toes, but that's because I am from the village and I never dance before. Can you be my teacher and give me knowledge, while you hold me tight and kiss away my worries? Can you be there for me, while I cook you food or wake you up with some espresso? Can you be there for me waiting when I open the door coming from a long trip? Can you hold my hand while walking? Or leave me silently, because I ask for too much? 
Well you can or you can not, my heart goes out there for you, always been since the very first cold morning we met. I believe in you and the good deeds you seed around! I am proud of you in everything you do, and I don't want to even change a thing in you. You'll always be my only one Prince Charming no matter how many days or years pass by, no matter what happens and no matter the distance. I will always look at the door, waiting for you to walk trough it and see that amazing smile on your face when you see me...
من برای شما اهمیت بسیار و دلم برات تنگ شده خیلی، شاهزاده من جذاب!