Monday, July 8, 2013


Lips- tasting like a butter scotch candy. Eyes blazing in the dark. Hands- strong as titanium. Heart- racing horse. Smell of roses and something unknown in the air, I crave for you, my brain, my body, my soul, my heart desires you and only. How soon I would taste you, how soon i would hold you. Your beating heart placed in my hands, trembling I sing to it. Can you hear my voice from the other side, your gloomy eyes, and your heart in pain I can heal. Come to me, come. I'll show you the world, the colors, the flowers and smells, the magic and happiness you never felt before. Oh, come to me, just let go and come, forget and forgive all around you. Dear, I care so much for you...So nervous I am always before I see ya. I can;t help it but fear, do you feel the same?
My thoughts for a year...been always with you whenever you went, whenever you fear and heal. I know, all doesn't make sense and again that fear, but with time you will see and understand me, I promise you that! Come to me, ah, come and feel my power! Under all this stress and fear, after all this pain and no gain, my music still go on for you somewhere, just find your way to me.
All this words we said, all that happened- it doesn't matter, it matters what is now and what is after. My open hands crave to catch your fall and carry you on... All this death, all this pain you saw, it's just gone, believe me when I say this- just gone, what is now is my smile and make you smile. So what people talk, stupid only will, it still doesn't matter to me, what I care is YOU. Just a simple hug can change things, and believe in it, just a warm word can swirl world- I pray on that! And my words are not just non sense, I know, believe me I really know and feel you are just like me :). Couldn't happen in any better time for me and you, I thank God for this! You are here, yes, you are and always will be!
I know you knew, but couldn't tell, my glances, my incidental touches, my words sometimes, driving you crazy, it's all true, always been, if you haven't seen it you are a bland man. Look at me now! I am here and I feel the same as you, burning fire, crushing worlds, tears, heart in pain, broken love, my dear, how much more.... We are just the same! Fear, love, pain, can it be something more, it is what we make it though. Look at me, I am here, for God sake! I know it's scary but I am scared too, don't you think I don't risk all for this, but I am so happy, I don't know how to even begin to tell you. Just like by the fire, even the smallest touch means a lot, just like in the car when you show me the amazing lake view... So much and more, you can feel it I know... We are just the same you know, believe it, I can prove it!

Dancing with the cobras