Monday, February 18, 2013


I heard once if you dream it you can do it. Yet so many years after I stand alone on top of the hill now and I am seeing the horizon. I feel I could touch the sky, but illusion is closer than reality. Yet falling off the hill is so easy, just letting go myself and I would roll straight down with no problem. I saw birds flying and I think I tasted love, but all flue by me so fast. Now I hold in each hand a beautiful child and I am still walking on the edge. I hear voices coming from below, some scream for help, some try to grab me and pull me down, but I clinch my teeth and hold my children's hands and pull back. 
I wish I could sing, so everyone could hear across my words and tender voice, but I have too many rocks swollen in my throat from years ago. 
I am on top of that hill, yet I am still in between reality and dreams come true, how that happened I don't know but I need a latter to bring me up. How can I build it all by myself? I have no materials, no paint brush- everything from me got taken away. Once I saw a sad face, broken heart and tears, I give all I have away, in try to fix whatever it was broken. But all those people- took it and ran away, far, far away. Was I too young and too dumb to realize how life works, how come I lived in my own world I created and how come I am still on top of that hill still strong, still walking on unknown paths. Is that is life all about, just walking?