Saturday, November 24, 2012


So I hear you are sad, I am sad then too...
So I heard you had a long day, so did I...
So I heard your life is going crazy, so do mine...
So I heard you are scared, so do I sometime...

But when I heard you lost hope, I got a bit angry...

Can you hear me now, voice rising from the darkness...
Shaking you, wake up, not all is lost!
There is today, but after that tomorrow,
And there will be more to come and be at last.

I know I am here, but I can't do it all...
You have to rise on your own...
You and only you can help yourself,
Be a Phoenix, be born again and grow!

So what that people are away to celebrate...
And you are working, doing all the same...
Your time will come just wait,
Be patient and create.

Can you not waste your time again,
So what, you are now alone,
Stop criticizing, stop whining and complain,
Stop being angry at your friends, or cry, or vain...

Get up I say! Get up YOU!
There is so much else to do,
The world hasn't stop living,
You should start in that believing!

Be a Phoenix, be born again and grow!


Fast going by, days, years, yesterday, today...
The time doesn't stop in my crazy life express.
And my life is fast, crazy but some sad and gray,
Sand clock with my birth, 'til my grave, oh yes...

Expensive is the life you know, with open hands you take it!
Be happy that you breathe, take and give away,
To a friend your shoulder- for the hungry one- the bread,
Give it from your heart, you're guest on Earth every day!

Do you see around you, all the beauty that we have?!
Heaven is on earth, when you have a good soul,
If you make mistake, don't you wait, but ask forgiveness,
Sand clock counts every day you roll.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Thank you Mom for giving me birth and being next to me for most of my life giving me strength, teaching what is right and what is wrong and so much more. Thank you!

Thank you my little brother, for being a huge part of me, even though right now you are super busy being in Med School, I understand. Thank you!

Thank you to all my teachers in all the schools I've been to, you give me so much, that NO ONE can take away from me ever, and of course believing in me. Thank you!

Thank you to my ex, the reason I am here is YOU, and that we have two beautiful children. Thank you for understanding and being here for the kids, I know what is to grow up without a father and I would never wish the same to our kids. Thank you!

Thank you to my parents in law, who always been and always will stay my parents in my new home America. Thank you for not judging me and welcoming me for who I am without trying to change me. Thank you!

Thank you to my best friend, I can not begin lining up all the things you've done for me and keep doing through all my time here in America. I am really lucky person that I met you, and I will be there for you every time I can and I will do my best to bring you up every time you are down. Thank you!

Thank you to all my other friends, who understand my broken English and laugh on my jokes, even on the stupid ones. I am very loyal to you all and I wish I can give you one big hug. You make my days brighter and better, I don't know what I would be doing without friends. Thank you!

Thank you to all my employers, who give me a chance in life to show myself and shine, learn new skills and develop. Of course the money are always good and welcome. Thank you for risking with me, believe me I will never let you down! Thank you!

Thank you to my children, you, ah you... you will be always in my heart, always my brightest light, my greatest creation in life, my world, my everything. I love you deeply. Thank you for being in my life, you are the best blessing and the best gift I could of ever ask for. Thank you!

And last, but not least- Thank you God, for watching over me and guiding me through all my difficulties, being for me when I almost gave up and showing me the light. I will try to be a better person. Thank you!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I am a lucky person! The bad and the good.

1. My super expensive digital camera breaks...- My friend managed to fix it with her magic finger tips somehow, after my three days of straggle with it...
2. I had to change three car tires in 2 weeks ...- I didn't get the flat tire on the highway or anywhere else while driving...
3. My computer crushed, couple days later my laptop as well...- I threw a lots of money they to be fixed, I know the result will be positive.
4. While I was without a laptop, my phone decided to gave up and not let me use my email, so I missed a gig as well because of it...- I situation with my email is under control now.
5. I had a young woman talking bad about me and she haven't ever met me, sure enough she is not the first or the last doing it... - I met an extraordinary person who helped me shine in the dark and made my life much fuller with hope. 
6. The school misunderstood that my kids should be in day care, instead they sent them on the bus and no one was around to pick them up while I was at work. They stayed 30 min outside in November's temperatures... - A good person took them and waited someone to show up, soon enough kids were home safe and sound...