Sunday, November 13, 2016

Me on Politics

I know many people who smile and don't say anything when comes to politics, I also know some who shout about their politic views and I also know some that say one but believe in another, just so they can make people happy.
I am neither of them. But I feel the need to clarify.
I am no party democrat or liberal or whatever... The party is not exactly defying my believes. My believes are first and if that happens to be into the democratic party frame, then I am a democratic. But f there is a democratic representative who believes in crazy things, don't count me in with him/her.

It happened I shared believes and hopes with Bernie the most, however he wasn't elected. I stand against Trump, because he showed and prove that he is a racist and sexist guy. I don't like as much the other candidates but I was sure I didn't want Trump to represent me in the future. trump managed to bring the worst in people, and in some- some things they have been hiding for a very long time. We all see how trump supporters violate others physically and mentally and me personally was a victim of Trump supporter's bullying.

I am neither party dear, however I know who I am and I know what do I value! I believe of no harm physical or verbal to others, and treat people with respect no matter their skin color, gender, culture, financial situation, educational level or etc. We are all humans, why not exist together just fine as we need each other. You need the smarter one to educate you, you need the other gender to fulfil  you, another color to show you the world... Why would you make other suffer? What is wrong with you?
Why should anyone suffer when any of us is capable of giving water to the thirsty and giving bread to the hungry and shelter the homeless. If you personally can't, you know someone who knows someone who can help!
We are united, act like one! It doesn't matter boarders or countries or continents or oceans. We cross boarders, we swim or fly over oceans! What you need is to be honest with yourself and really think carefully what is right and what is wrong. Is it right to hurt others? Is it right to punish or harm others?
What party you are in it's not really matter. Ironically we all believe in the same value- love one another, treat others with respect, help the ones that are in need, be respectful, love your family...
Where is that hate coming from then? Because someone wants to go to another bathroom as they feel more female and not male out of the sudden you have problems because this is new change and you can't accept changes... Get over it. We don't live in yesterday, we live actually in the world of tomorrow!
The more new changes we allow the farther we get and we progress. The farther we get and progress the smarter and stronger we get!