Thursday, April 11, 2013


In the dark room he stands alone
Feels all the world its crushing
All this pain inside has grown
Everything is so fast rushing...

Feels alone on that intersection
Which road this time he should take
He lost with the world connection
The people he knew turned to be fake. 

In the dark room he stands alone
His tired hands try to hold his head
He thinks hard what he did wrong
Can not see any future ahead. 

In that moment, she opens the closed doors
Entering his sad world with sure steps
To him she walks and end his war
"Please, take my hand" she says...

As she walked, light came into the room
Hope, true feelings he felt that instant
Like something inside him just bloomed
He smiled, felt the past stopped its hunt.

"Who are you?" He asked her shy
"I am here for you- who you need it most
Don't send me now with goodbye
I am here and I am not a ghost!"

"Please, back off!" with pain he said
"My world is sad, don't want you here
I feel inside so miserable, so dead...
I don't want with you that to share!"

"But I am already here, please
I can change this, look into my eyes
I can give you Heaven's peace
Clear all the storms on your skies.

Do you trust me, I am real
I am here just for you and only
Your deadly wounds I to heal
To not ever be so lonely..."

And she kissed him with passion
His Hell turned into Heaven
And he felt her strong compassion
Love on his heart was graven. 

"My life is yours!" she said
"Your life is mine?" he asked amazed
"Yes, until I fall stone cold dead"
And with that- true Love Blazed...

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